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Credit Manager Rent Reporter

Credit Manager Rent Reporter, Rental 1 Software

Credit Manager Rent Reporter software will accurately report tenant trade lines to TransUnion using the Rental 1® Format.


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Credit Manager Rent Reporter data entry

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File Import

The Import of Credit Manager Rent Reporter is the best option used by customers who maintain their accounts in another software package. Most software applications support "exporting" their Company File to common file types. This "exported" file would be used to add or update your accounts, through the Import function of The Credit Manager Rent Reporter.

The Credit Managers Rent Reporter Import function supports the following file types:

  1. Comma Separated Variable (.CSV) Files  See Example
  2. Text (.TXT) Files (fixed length/blocked format)  See Example
  3. Delimited Text File (user defineable delimiter)
  4. Microsoft Access databases - 32 bit Windows only.
  5. XML
  6. Excel (XLS/XLSX)  See Example
  7. Rental 1® Formatted Files
  8. Metro 2®, 426 Formatted files

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Credit Manager Rent Reporter Data Flow
Credit Manager Rent Reporter data flow


Company File Encryption
The Credit Manager Rent Reporter Company File is encrypted using AES-256 encryption and stored on your local machine or network. Our Rental 1 software solution complies with data storage security regulations.

User Accounts
Credit Manager Rent Reporter offers user accounts for accessing the software.
User Accounts allow you to define each user with a login and password before they can access the Licensed Software. With the Pro version of Credit Manager Rent Reporter, one User Account (Admin) is available, while the Elite version can have unlimited User Accounts defined per Software License. User Accounts help to secure the software and limit access to only those who have a login and password.

Admin accounts have complete access to all the software options. The Admin User can define which software options the other User Accounts are allowed to access. Example, create/open/purge a Company File, backup/restore, upload, import and so on.

This helps with securing who is using the software and the options which are available to the user.

Log Files
Credit Manager Rent Reporter offers a log file system to keep track of activity in the software such as upload history, import history, Rental 1 compliance management and more. For Example: When you report to the credit bureaus, a log file is created containing the history of upload activity.

Audit History
Each consumer record in the Credit Manager Rent Reporter has an Audit History. The Audit History contains a history/log of edits made to the consumer record.

For example: editing the accounts 'current balance' field will generate an entry into the records Audit History.

SFTP / HTTPS Secure File Transfer
Credit Manager Rent Reporter, Rental 1 format files are uploaded securely through SFTP or the standard HTTPS web portals provided by the Credit Bureaus.

Free 30 Day Software Demo

We are so confident in our credit reporting software, we are providing a risk free, 30 day demo to see for yourself why so many customers rely on The Credit Manager's Rent Reporter easy-to-use, accurate reporting solution.

We are one of the few credit reporting companies that will allow you to "try it before you buy it"! Our software speaks for itself.