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Credit Manager creates a Metro 2® formatted file and accurately reports consumer, debtor and commercial trade lines to all major bureaus. The software is user friendly and kept up-to-date with the latest reporting laws and regulations based on the Metro 2®, Credit Reporting Resource Guide®.

Credit Profiler, a secure and easy to use application for pulling consumer credit reports.

The Metro 2® File Viewer reads and displays your Metro 2® 426 formatted file and all segments in a human readable format. The software also provides search capabilities, reports, graphs, automated batch uploads to the credit bureaus using SFTP, debug utilities, up-to-date compliance validation and other useful tools.

All businesses reporting accounts to the bureaus can benefit from this utility, regardless of the software used to generate your Metro 2 file.

Credit Reporting Services

Since 1992, The Service Bureau has provided technical support for credit reporting and Metro 2 help for our wide range of customers. From installment to collection, utilities, rental and more, we have over years experience, assisting customers with the Metro, Metro 2 formats, credit reporting services and the Credit Reporting Resource Guide®. Our qualified, fully trained staff is here to assist. Need Metro 2 help? Have questions?

Third Party Processing/Stacking service is used by customers who are unable to report directly to the credit bureaus or customers who want to use our easy-to-use credit reporting services. To use a third party stacking service, you must first obtain a Data Furnishers or Service Agreement from each Credit Bureau to which you will be reporting.