Frequently Asked Questions and Help

Credit Reporting FAQ Help:
Do I need to become a member, in order to report to the credit bureaus?
How does a company report tradelines?
What are the benefits of reporting credit?
We do not meet the minimum number of accounts to report to the credit bureaus. What are our options?
What is a data furnisher?
How does a company or individual report a judgment?

Metro 2 Format:
What is the Metro 2® Format?
Why do I need Metro 2® software?
What should a company look for in a Metro 2® credit reporting software application?
What is the Metro 2, Credit Reporting Resource Guide?
What are Metro 2® compliance checks?
What is the difference between Metro 2®, 366 layout and Metro 2®, 426 layout?
What Metro 2® fields are required to report?

Third Party Processing/Stacking Service:
What is the difference between a third-party processor and a third-party reporter?
What is a Stacking Service or Third Party Processor?
What are the costs of using the Stacking Service?

Credit Bureaus:
How long does it take the Credit Repositories to update accounts after submission?
If I report trade lines to one credit reporting agency, do my trade lines show on the other CRA's?
How do I contact the credit bureaus?

Credit Manager Software:
Is the Credit Managers Metro 2® file accepted and approved by all credit bureaus?
What are the main differences between Pro and Elite versions of Credit Manager?
Can I import my accounts from another file into Credit Manager?
Does Credit Manager support all reporting codes and segments?
Is Credit Manager, Metro 2® software easy to install and use?
I have a Metro 1 formatted file and want to convert it to Metro 2® formatted file. Can Credit Manager accomplish this?
What is your policy for software upgrades?
How does our company lease the Credit Manager software?

Metro 2 File Viewer Software:
What is the difference between Credit Manager and the Metro 2® File Viewer?
How does our company lease the Metro 2® File Viewer?