Metro 2®* Credit Reporting Software
Credit Manager - Metro 2® credit reporting software is the industry leader for credit reporting software.
Credit Manager was designed to support all trade line reporting and adheres to the Metro 2 Credit Reporting Resource Guide. Our software solution allows businesses to accurately report consumer, debtor and commercial trade lines to the national credit bureaus using the industry standard, Metro 2® format.
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  • Industry Leader
  • Accurate & Easy To Use
  • Best Reporting Solution
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Metro 2® Help Service

Since 1992, The Service Bureau has provided technical support for credit reporting and Metro 2® help for our wide range of customers. From installment to collection, utilities, rental and more, we have over years experience, assisting customers with the Metro®, Metro 2® record format layouts and credit reporting services. Our qualified, fully trained staff is here to assist. Need Metro 2® help? Have questions?