Lease Credit Manager
Metro 2 Software for Businesses

Accurately reports consumer and commercial trade lines.

Product Version
Optimized for high volume reporting, supports millions of accounts (trade lines). Compare
$799 Pro
Standard feature set for reporting up to 50,000 accounts. Compare

Additional site licenses. (optional)
/per computer at the same location.

Lease includes one user license to be installed on one workstation.

Yearly lease renewal per license. Lease includes software support and free minor software updates. Please review the software's End User License Agreement for details.

Reporting Method
Select reporting method to use with Credit Manager
We are reporting directly to the credit bureaus
We are reporting through The Service Bureau, third-party processing/stacking service
Reporting through The Service Bureau
For new customers that have credit bureau approval to use The Service Bureau"s, third party processing service, please select one of the options below. Processing fees are charged each time we receive your accounts (typically once/month).
Customers reporting directly (in-house) to the credit bureaus, will not need third party processing services.

Bureau Registration Information

You have a contract and have been approved to report your accounts to the following bureau(s):

Credit Bureau Subscriber ID
Dun and Bradstreet

Number of Accounts to Report:

Note: Prior to software activation, a copy of your credit bureau agreement(s) may be required.
          Additional bureaus may be added after purchase.
Company Information


Credit Card Information MasterCard   Visa   Discover   American Express


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Billing Address and Zip Code must match as it appears on your bank statement.