Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to become a member, in order to report to the credit bureaus?
How does a company report consumer credit?
We do not meet the minimum number of accounts to report to the credit bureaus. What are our options?
What should a company look for in a Metro 2® credit reporting software package?
What are the main differences between Pro and Elite versions of Credit Manager?
Can I import my accounts from another file into Credit Manager?
Does Credit Manager support all reporting codes and segments?
Is Credit Manager, Metro 2® software easy to install and use?
How long does it take the Credit Repositories to update accounts after submission?
What is a Stacking Service or Third Party Processor?
What is the Metro 2® Format?
What is the difference between Metro 2®, 366 format and Metro 2®, 426 format?
If I report trade lines to one CRA, do my trade lines show on the other CRA's?
Is the Credit Managers Metro 2® file accepted and approved by all credit bureaus?
I have a Metro 1 formatted file and want to convert it to Metro 2® formatted file. Can Credit Manager accomplish this?
What is your policy for software upgrades?
How does our company purchase the Credit Manager software?
What are the benefits of reporting credit?