Feature Comparison Chart

Compare the different features of the Credit Manager 4 software versions.

= Supported, = Not available, = Varies between software providers

Feature Credit Manager 4 Edition   Other Vendors Software
  Pro Elite  
Supports the latest Metro 2® (426 unpacked) Format caution
Import files from: Excel, CSV, XML, Fixed ASCII, Delimited, Metro 2® (Flexible/Customizable import)
Free updates for minor software revisions
Network compatible caution
Unlimited, true multi-user support with record overwrite protection included with each site license caution
Compliance Checking (for accurate reporting) caution
Backup and Restore caution
Customer, statistical and geographical reports in PDF format
Automated data clean-up (standardization) routines
Log files for audit tracking
Password protection and encrypted database to securely store your account information
Extensive Help System to assist with accurate reporting and all software features. Intuitive F1 help on all fields with Metro 2® layout description caution
Multiple company support caution
Pre-defined and advanced database searches to easily locate your customers
Batch edit
CSV File Export
Color themes
Supports Canadian Reporting. (All versions support United States)
Direct reporting to: Equifax, Experian, Innovis, TransUnion, Credit Builders Alliance, MicroBilt and more. caution
Bureau uploads via SFTP(secure FTP), HTTPS(secure web browser) removable media caution
Reports more than 100,000 accounts (high volume reporting)
Definable user account permissions
Alternate data storage: MySQL, SQL Server 2000 - 2012.
Audit tracking by user accounts
Command line automation
(Import, Send, Compliance Check, Purge)
Automated Secure FTP uploads to all bureaus
36 User definable fields including dates, dollars and comments
User account logins with password protection (per license) Learn More (1) Admin Unlimited
Number of companies (Record ID's) allowed per database Two Six One